"Svyatovit" was founded in 1997. Over the years, "Svyatovit" has proved itself as a reliable, trustworthy construction equipment manufacturer customers.

The company designs and manufactures:

-         Telescopic skimmers on automobile chassis base (VOLVO, MAZ, KAMAZ, URAL, KRAZ);

-         Telescopic skimmers on crawlers;

-         Production systems based on horizontal directional drilling;

"Svyatovit" strategy should trust relationships aimed at uninterrupted supply and stable incomes of our customers. Therefore, more than 70% of customers who have made at least one order, become our constant partners. Geography of deliveries are no longer limited to the territory of Belarus: cooperation has been established with organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan.

Among the regular customers - major oil and gas organization, enterprise road building and housing and communal services, the organization of civil construction and many others.

Today, "Svyatovit" is a powerful modern assembly plant with the latest equipment and a multi-level quality control system equipment in each production stage.

Undoubtedly, the most important ingredient of success is professionalism of the team, responsible and well organized work units and each employee. Satisfaction and trust reviewed businesses and organizations that exploit our technology - the best estimate of our work.