EC-22-K2 R


My name is Kuchto Nikolai Nikolaevich. I work as an operator of the “Svyatovit” EC-22-K2 excavator at “Dokshitsyraigaz” District manufacturing department of “Vitebskoblgaz” unitary enterprise.

in "Svyatovit"

There are two “Svyatovit” EC-22-K2

track-mounted grading excavators in the park of our enterprise. We use them in construction and bog-preparatory works.


What can I say? It is a very good machine. Before that I worked with the excavator of Kokhanovo plant. At present I‘ve got the “Svyatovit” machine. It is a great difference. Bucket rotation, you can choose any angle of turn, grade any slope. Besides, the “Svyatovit” machine is very comfortable and it is warm inside. Everything is OK! Over the period of operation EC-22-K2 excavator has approved itself as a reliable, trustworthy machine with good technical characteristics, easy-to-work, multifunctional in use, accessible for maintenance. I confide in “SVYATOVIT”!