EW-25-M1 S


My name is Tereshchenko Nikolai Vladimirovich. I work as an operator at Rechitsa Technological Transport Department of “Production Association “Belarusneft” Republican unitary enterprise.

Our organization specializes in oil and gas pipeline construction. I work as an operator of the “Svyatovit” EW-25-M1 excavator mounted on the URAL chassis.

in "Svyatovit"

In our park there are five “Svyatovit” machines. The first excavator was bought in 2006. I work exactly with this machine. I highly appreciate its reliability, simple maintenance, little idle time. I like versatility of this machine. At present I work at 2 different construction projects fulfilling such operations as: diking of wells of drill units, undermining under tubes in event of emergency works or repair work, all kinds of excavating, surface grading, trenching, etc.


On the whole, I confide in “Svyatovit” technical equipment – it is durable, easy-to-work, and reliable.