EC-22-K2 R


My name is Mitskevich Dmitry Nikolaevich.

I work at Rechitsa technological transport department of “Production Association “Belarusneft” republican unitary enterprise as an operator of the “Svyatovit” EC-22-K2 track-mounted excavator.

in "Svyatovit"

At present five “Svyatovit” machines are in service in the park of our organization. Each machine works during 8-hour shift.

The main advantage of this machine is its passability. We have to work on various soils, and sometimes it is difficult to drive, but the EC-22-K2 machine overcomes all the difficulties due to its wide tracks. This excavator is stable on soft uneven soil. I was impressed by its efficiency and productivity. It is a stable machine! I like it!


Over the period of operation this machine has approved itself in the classes of work connected with construction, arrangement, and well repair. The “Svyatovit” EC-22-K2 excavator inspires with confidence!