EW-25-M1 S


My name is Susha Mikhail Ivanovich. I work as an operator of the EW-25-M1 excavator at “Mingaz” unitary enterprise.

in "Svyatovit"

We use this machine for laying of gas pipelines, performing of different types of cutting-in, and dig foundation pits. The excavator has approved itself excellently. There are gas pipelines located at a considerable depth, and only this machine can dig out pipelines at the depth more than 5-6 meters.

The EW-25-M1 excavator is irreplaceable during performing emergency works (one can undermine pipelines) due to its bucket rotation and telescope.


The “Svyatovit” company has produced a good machine. I like to work on it. I confide in “Svyatovit”!