EW-25-M1 S


I am Furkat Ahmedjanov. I work as a chief engineer at POSMM GUP TEK SPb.

We are transport department of fuel and energy complex of St. Petersburg. 10 years working experience and cooperation with “Svyatovit” during all these years speaks a lot.

in "Svyatovit"

We exploit 7 machines. They work on city objects 24 hours 7 days a week. During this time I have seen how upgrading of the machinery and excavating equipment has been done.

I can say only positive things about our collaboration experience and about the reaction of the enterprise on our suggestions or questions that rise during exploitation process.

In many aspects team work that has a certain time limit to fix a problem depends on technics. Svyatovit machinery work means a lot for us in such cases.


Everyone remembers 2009, a big breakage on the north of the city when forces of ministry of emergency measures were enabled. Two excavators EW-25-M1 fulfilled functions that were not characteristic of them. One acted as a crane and a pump, another one did its direct digging functions.

I treat “Svyatovit” as a reliable partner which can be trusted, with the technics that can be used to fix any fault.