Cable Layer

Hydraulic vibratory cable layer

Hydraulic vibratory cable layer is designed for trenchless laying of power cables, all types of communication cables and plastic pipes for cable. An alarm tape is laid simultaneously with the cable. It works in non-frozen, not-rocky soils from I to IV category.


Basic tractor ТМ 10.00Б GST15
Operating weight, kg 34100
Pulling force of basic tractor, t, no less than 27
Transmission  type of  basic  tractor  Hydrostatic
Track width of basic  tractor, mm, no less than 900
Category of excavated soil from I to IV
Max depth of laying cable, mm up to 1600
Max number of simultaneously laying pipes, pcs. 4
Max diameter of laying cable (pipe), mm 63
Width of the alarm tape, mm 40
Depth of the alarm tape laying ½ from laying depth
Cabling speed, km/h from 0,5 to 1,5
Work part Cable blade
Vibration source Two-shaft unbalanced-mass vibration generator
Vibrator Drive Hydraulic
Max oscillation frequency of blade (adjustable) up to 30 Hz.
Max work part horizontal shift, mm ±1200
Max vertical tilt angle ±12,5°
Drive of cable blade lifting mechanism  Hydraulic
Lifting-lowering drive of the front attachment unit Hydraulic
Max amount of drums (diam. 2,8 m, width 1,78 m) 4
Max load on the front attachment unit, kg 4140
Number of staff, pers. 2
Main control panel of cable layer Elecrtic
Extra control panel of cable layer Manual
Characteristic of alarm tape unwinding  mechanism With built-in mechanical brake

Max amount of placed drums (diam. 2,8 m, width 1,78 m)